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Thread: complete newbie!

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    complete newbie!

    It seems like there are about 100 different ways to modify you wii and I was wondering if someone could help send me in the right direction about what they all do!
    I know very little about this stuff, but am anxious to learn about how it all works. Any help would be super helpful, because after looking around the site, i barely know what all the terms mean let alone wha they can do for me.

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    Hi, first you need to know your system menu version. Based on it, follow one of these two guides:

    Check this topic if it is 3.1-4.1.
    Check this topic if it is 4.2.

    Here is a useful FAQ for all those terms.

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    thanks for the fast reply!
    My wii is a 3.1U and it's been modded for me, but I'm not sure which type of mod was used to do it. (i know that sounds ridiculous, but my gf gave it to some guy to do). if i follow the instructions of the first link you'd provided - is it likely i could f my system up or is it all pretty fool proof?

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    Sorry, I'm noob myself. I don't even own a Wii yet, so I'm kinda interested in this question aswell. I'm getting it second hand and modded so we are alike.

    Probably we should get some more details about whats used on the Wii and see if its compatible with what the guide offers. Try to contact the guy and ask him.

    It's a pretty good chance that we might f up something, so it would be better not to rush it.

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    i agree - well if you find out anything, please forward it over - i'll do the same!


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