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Thread: Getting games from download to play on my wii

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    Getting games from download to play on my wii

    hi there i am wondering if anybody can help me im new to this so alittle confused at the moment.
    I am wondering if anybody can explain to me after i have download wii game through utorrent what do i need to do to play them on my wii. i see i need to do sumin to the download and also my wii can somebody help me with this process please i would really appriciate it many thanks

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    Depends on what system menu is your Wii.

    Check this topic if it is 3.1-4.1.
    Check this topic if it is 4.2.

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    Well as stated from the post above, you first have to modify your Wii with one of the guides listed above, and also in my sig. Then you have a choice on how you want to run the game. There are two ways to run a downloaded game, one is burning discs [lowest speed possible, -Rs only (unless you know how to change the book type to DVD-ROM for +Rs), and good media (verbatim, ritek).

    The other way is to put all those happy little ISOs on a compact little hard drive, and run them right off USB.

    First see how you fair with the modding process, then you can read up more on USB Loaders as there is a slight commitment in reasearching what drives work properly. You can find the Compatibility List right in my sig.


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