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Thread: n00b: semi-bricked wii

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    n00b: semi-bricked wii

    My nieces wii dvd drive seems broken, or cant read dvdrs/silvers. So I did some search and stumbled upon this site Wii Softmodding for Dummies - Powered by CO.CC which helped me to install the required tools to boot images from a usb drive. I installed everything although the wii is already chipped. I am not sure what modchip it is. When I tried to follow that tutorial I could not check the FW version in the wii since I always get that opera browser page which might indicate missing files. So I assumed that the FW is less than 4 and continued following the tutorial. The WII is working now, and I am able to boot isoz from the usb HDD. But, to be honest with you I would like to fix that problem and be able to browse the WII settings.

    Now, I did read that I can use an ubrick DVD or a recent game which might resolve the issue. So any suggestions to what shall I do in order to unbrick my semi-bricked wii? Links to the proper files, or at least actual names and versions would be appreciated...

    Thnx in advance,

    P.S. The WII is US

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    did you install bootmii or preloader? If so those programs will indicate your current system ios and system menu version. If so post that info.
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