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Thread: Please Help - How do you run wii games from a HD?

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    Please Help - How do you run wii games from a HD?

    Hi everyone

    I have done a soft mod to my wii, thanks to the amazing guide that sticky posted.

    I have my wii running on 4.1U, i have Neogramma, homebrew, also i was able to play the new mario no problem.

    I would really like to learn how to take a hard drive and load all my wii games on it then just run the games off of my Hard Drive.

    I have been try some things with WBFS Manager 2.5. Like formatting usb memory sticks and trying to put more then one game on it at a time. then running it through Neogramma like i did for mario.

    Questions: Do i have Scrub all my wii now to do this? Would i have to patch them all? Or can this even be done?

    Any Information on how to do this would be amazing.

    Thanks Everyone!

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    Search would have found your answer.


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