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Thread: Which IOS Required to play?

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    Question Which IOS Required to play?

    Does any one know what IOS Mario Strikers Charged runs off of? This game isn't listed in the thread showing the list of wii games and their ios. Thanks!

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    Get the game ISO and open it in IOSPatcher. Just gran the file and drag and drop on the IOSpatcher.exe. It'll tell you.
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    If you happen to get the information you asked for, please take the time to comment on your findings in the Thread about IOSs. Someone will be sure to come along and add it to the list.

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    Hey s0ur, no problem. Actually, I did find the info I was looking for. The IOS that Mario Strikers Charged runs off of is IOS56. Thank you IOSpatcher! I finally figured the damn thing out. at first, I was dragging the ISO in IOSpatcher AFTER I had opened it up. Stupid

    Note to people that are starting to use IOSpatcher for the 1st time- Drag your ISO file onto the IOSpatcher icon. It will then open up and give you the IOS your particular ISO will require in order to run.
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    IOS56, that cant be right. I don't even have that IOS on my Wii and it plays just fine.

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    Thats weird. I burned my ISO before and it did not work. I searched the threads and found that if I didn't have the proper IOS installed in my wii, I wouldn't be able to play it. So, I used IOSpatcher and extracetd this IOS56 into my wii, patched up my ISO and re-burned it. Plays fine now.


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