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Thread: updat gx loader channel

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    updat gx loader channel

    Hi all,just a quick question,is it wise to alway update my gx usb shannel loader not the forward one, im on revision 815. using this link below i can see 3 revions above my one,is it safe to do so. If so do i uninstall the old one befor uninstalling the new one.

    Downloads - usbloader-gui - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Oh i understand that the the 838 one is supposed to get the new mario game to work without having to patch anything.

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    If an updated revision gives you trouble just switch back. They're interchangeable.
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    Do i need to delete all the files in the config file on sd card befor update,and should i uninstall the old version befor installing the new version . If some one would point me in the wright direction as i am waiting to do this wright now. Aslo on the link below,are these wads fro the channel or for the forward channel,as i have just the channel installed
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    Shane - Sorry but no one seems to want to answer you, the constant nagging has something to do with it. I have unnaproved all your nagging posts.
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