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Thread: hard drive not working (advice please)

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    hard drive not working (advice please)

    hi all followed the tutorial for getting your external hd working on wii but no joy,the hard drive is a freecom hard drive classic 250gb 3.5 usb 2.0,i checked on the compatibility list and there was 2 freecoms on it so thought there was a good chance of it working,when the hard drive is plugged into my pc there is a blue 250 gb icon on the front of hd on constantly but when i plug it into wii and run usb loader the light goes off and i get a countdown timer or a ret error,any help much appreciated

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    well i updated to the latest usb gx loader and tried to load a game using it, i got a screen waiting for slow device and i quickly switched the hard drive of and on and gx loader loaded,tried to launch a game but just got a black screen,does anyone know of anything else i could try to fix this or is it just an incompatible hard drive issue?

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    got gx loader working and played a game of hard drive but its a bit hit and miss flicking the hard drive on and off just to get gx loader to work,was reading another thread and someone said preloader might fix this,where do i find preloader and how do i install it,or any other ideas,ive started talking to myself,lol


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