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Thread: nba 2k10 issues and a question

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    nba 2k10 issues and a question

    hello again,

    this game has been recently released and with the few various uploads out there people (including myself) are experiencing gameplay problems. the game does load and work but it's missing commentary and the game freezes when using the home button. seems to work too well to be some kind of security but not well enough to play the right way. i posted here because i'm still a newbie and i'm using all what's included here in the 3.1-4.1 mod guide and i'm not sure what to do next? not only myself but others as well. i have read something about maybe the 002 fix working but i don't know exactly what that is and personally i'm not getting an 002 error. i'm using the neogamma version from the guide but i think there might be a newer one mentioned in the recent new mario bros guide. any thoughts on this or advice? or maybe a more experienced person has looked at this game? :-)


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    I'm having the same problem/issue. Sortly after the game starts the sound muffles/kuts-out. I'm running v4.2U on the Wii with NeoGamma v7 though i'll prolly update to v8. Its a US system of kourse and i believe the game is a NTSC posted by ESPALWII

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