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Thread: Wii64 injected wad?

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    Wii64 injected wad?

    Sorry if this was already posted, but can somebody either tell me how to or just inject a working wii64 beta1.dol for me? having a channel makes it so much easier

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    why dont you use virtual console???

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    because i don't hav a gamecube controller and i would like to play multiplayer games withoug having to have my sd card in all the time

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    you can use usb loading also.

    Injection of wads is not possible AFAIK

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    well i don't mean injected, i mean just create a wad file for it so i can have a wii64 channel, and i'm aware of using a usb too, but i think it would just be a helluva alot easier if i have a channel

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    You can make a wad of Wii64 or even a forwarder but you will still need a place to keep the roms...

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    im planning on just putting them on a dvd

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    can you tell me how to make it tho?

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    try customizemii at (you should install preloader first if you mess with the wads)


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