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Thread: Am I bricked?

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    Am I bricked?

    I am running a 3.3U Wii. I tried to install ios55 and uninstall ios36 to play my backup of modern warfare. Now, I have no idea what has happened. I cannot get homebrew to load, and when I put an original disc in the wii it informs me that I need to update system and the game will not play. Am I screwed or is there something I can do to fix.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    nice going... Haven't you read the big red letters all around the forum "dont uninstall ioses???"

    Good news is that its fixable. place boot.dol of wadmanager in SD root and install an ios36 and you are good to go. and dont you ever uninstall ioses

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    Thank you Messie. I've learned something new today.

    You're a godsend. I thought I was really screwed.

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    I have the same problem, I unistalled my cIOS and the HBC doesn't work and the "need to update" thing appears me too, when I try to play with original games. I have a working Neogamma R6 (which shows me my wii has a IOS249 Rev7). I wanted to get my cIOS back as the way you said, but my wii doesn't want to boot from SD card. It just tries but nothing happens. Only I can see is my SD card have a lot of free blockes but it doesn't want to run the "boot.dol". Is there any other way to install back this cIOS?

    I have a 4.3eu wii and I had a working HBC before that mistake (I used the banner bomb hack)
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    Is it a good idea if I place the wadmanager boot.dol to the root of the SD Card and rename it to "boot.elf"? Somewhere I saw this method...

    Or I find a WAD manager ISO when they hack a game to get the wad manager working. But I haven't got a modchip so it won't work for me?

    I'm so distraught... PLEASE HELP!!!
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    Put the wadmanager boot.dol file in the root of the SD card and load it through the Wii system menu. Follow the same steps that you did when you softmodded the Wii in the beginning. From the main page click on the Wii menu icon in the bottom left corner, then click on data management and then click SD card. It should then ask you if you want to exectute boot.dol. Say yes and it should take you to wadmanager. Just remember to have the cIos wad in the wad folder that you deleted. Follow the steps in wad manager to install it.

    I'm no expert but this may give you an idea on where to start. If you don't get any more help from an experienced moderator you should start a new thread and you might get a quick response like I did.


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