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Thread: Help wii black

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    Help wii black

    wii black screen tried to run with savemii but it is only black and then I had a wii and tested reseat or replace defective bluetooth module and replace defective wifi module or drive

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    how did you brick?

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    yes, I have. Bricked my wii. Had 4,2 E then I downgraded it to 3.2 E after that I tried to play a downloaded game that had the wrong region and that game updated my wii. Since then I have not been able to see but a black screen. If I start my wii with a disc in I can hear it turning, but I canīt hear the game or see anything on the screen, only black. What can I do or IS there anything that I can do???? Pleeeeeease need some help, anyone.

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    not possible unless you can access preloader or bootmii... other than that you are fully bricked

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    I donīt have preeloader but I have a backup file from bootmii but I donīt think itīs boot 2. Couldnīt Install boot 2. I CANīT SEE ANYTHING ON MY SCRREN, I USE A SAVEMII CHIP BUT NOTHING COMES UP ON THE SCREEN AND THE SAVEMII CHIP LIGHTS ONLY RED, NOT RED AND GREEN ALTERNATELY. If the problem showes that it is a problem with the motherbord can I bye a new motherbord??? I canīt get it, why does my wii only show a black screen and nothing else, not even the version of my wii like it showes in many of the clips that I have seen???

    I would like to take the time to thank you for you replies and sory for the bother

    But Pleaaaaaaase have you ever heard of sutch a problem before????

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    I have seen 2 others, myself included, in this forum so far with the same problem. Mine was self inflicted as I uninstalled IOS70 acidentally and then I locked up why wii forcing me to reboot which landed me in this same situation. If you have your NAND back and keys then you should be able to flash it with an Infectus, but that requires soldering about 13 wires to the nand.

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    yes, in fact all around the forum it is written "do not downgrade" but unfortunately you must have missed it. also, new motherboard should be the only option, or shipping to nintendo for an expensive repair.... Your case is called a low level brick, and it is unrecoverable

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