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Thread: GH 5 Black Screen

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    GH 5 Black Screen

    When I try to play GH 5 I get a black screen, GH Metallica worked correctly so I have no idea what to do.

    Our Wii is version 3.1E and we're using HBC 1.0.6 with USB Loader 1.1 installed (Working on a ton of other games).

    So now, what do I need to do to get GH 5 to run? I'm completely lost since I didn't install the things on it.
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    I would try installing ios56. Thats the ios the game needs to run it.
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    ios56 should fix it

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    Ok I'll try installing ios56 but I dont know how, is there any good tutorial that can show me how and what I need to install it?

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    IOS56 is a wad file. Put that wad file into the wad folder that is on the SD card you use for homebrew. Next, use wad manager and install the IOS56 wad. Once you have the wad installed to your Wii, you may remove the IOS56 wad from your SD card.

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    Ok installed IOS 56-64-v5146 and it shows up in WAD Manager 1.3 but I still can't start GH 5 through the USB Loader, still getting black screen.

    What else should I try? Some other USB loading app or installing something else?

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    make sure you have CIOS222 r4 and launch it in your homebrew app and do what I did..

    1 - I installed as 249 then select 222 with 38 merged to 37
    2 - Ran it again and selected 249 and then selected 223 and did IOS38 merged with IOS60.

    After that I loaded my USB loader GX and sent in the game settings and ran the game using IOS222, VIDPATCH to auto and my 002fix set to ANTI. that's all and it ran fine... try it and let us know!

    BTW the game would not launch at all until I updated my system from 4.0u to 4.1u..just as a heads up..

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    Maybe I could try that but what do I need to do all the steps? It would also be nice if you could tell me where I can find all this stuff because I'm completely lost and I haven't become a friend with this forums way of organizing stuff yet :/

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    I've found this tutorial: and I've been trying to follow the "3.X softmod guide", I successfully updated to 4.1E but I'm stuck at the second step now. Where can I get the file? How do I install it? What do I need to install it?

    It would be very appreciated if someone could link me to the tools and files needed to complete that tutorial because I've had no luck finding them so far.
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    I also found this 222 guide helpful.

    GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial: Hermes' Ios222/223

    It's running on mine with 222.

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