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Thread: neogamer loads from usb but not dvd

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    neogamer loads from usb but not dvd

    this is my first ever post so please be kind,
    i have spent 2 days searching but to no avail i have tried this on two WII's and both have the same result so i am assuming its something im doing wrong or not doing.
    i have followed this guide
    when i open neogamer it is R8 beta 7, IOS249 (rev14) it will play games from usb memory pen but when i try to lounch game on dvd on Wii 1 it says disc could not be read i take out the dvd and it says please install mario cart dvd (thats what i was trying to load )
    and on wii 2 it says DVD read error (1224)
    please help as my usb pen is only 8gb big and i keep having to delete the game and put on another everytime i want to change
    many thanks

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    do you use Verbatim DVD-r burned at 4x?

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    i used a imation dvd-r burned at x2 (the slowest it would let me)

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    ok try verbatim

    first try neogamma r7 tho

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    this may be a stupid question but how do i get to seven from 8

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    find neogamma r7 and install it with wadmanager. the guide you followed should provide it

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    uninstalled r8 and installed r7 it now comes up with a new dvd error code 1269
    neogamma R7 ios249 rev 14

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    first time i hear of this error... try a verbatim to see if thats the problem

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    thanks for the help, i will order some from tinternet and try that

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    I am trying to load Mini Ninjas NTSC on my 4.2U console. I get the same error as the guy above. It loads fine on USB Loader Gx. When I load the backup using Neo-Gamma R8 beta 7 i get "DVD read error (1224)" This is the first time I have recieved this message ever.

    And Yes I am using Verbatim burned at 4x so i doubt it is the disc.

    Tried loading backup from a different wii that i modded 4.2U also. That one was running Neo Gamma 7. it worked fine. So maybe I'm missing an IOS. Not sure which one. I will have to compare IOS's on both consoles and come back on another post.
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