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Thread: F1 2009 problem

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    F1 2009 problem

    Hi, "F1 2009" PAL-version works fine till i select "Race"
    The screen says "Loading" but then nothing happens.
    I have a Wii 4.1E with "USB Loader GX" hacked with the tutorial from this site.
    With other games it happens that de Wii hangs but with F1 all gous well till the loading screen.

    anyone with the same problem or someone have a suggestion wat i can do



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    My advise would be to burn it to disk and see if that makes a difference.
    Do other games behave the same ?
    If they do it could be your HDD. I had the same problems with my HDD, so i just burn them to disk and all is fine.

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    hi, i'm having the same problem. just that i'm trying to play from dvd. you can make all the pregame configurations but after starting the game it sticks at the loading screen. i'm starting to think it is the iso i used... if anyone else can figure out otherwise please help.

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    I have this game on disc and it works. If you want me to rip it to my HDD using usb loader gx, let me know.
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