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Thread: Advice Needed from any WiiFree Owners

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    Advice Needed from any WiiFree Owners

    Hello all

    there is a guy near to me who can modchips the wii. I rang him the other day and he uses the WiiFree modchip.

    He seems like a nice bloke but I am put off be the lack of info on this modchip. Alot of sites I go on for it have very old updates in news sections (aug 07) so i am worried about its future ungradability.

    Would it be worth getting and how easy is it to update?

    It would save me having to send the wii off he I take up his service and he only charges about 30

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you can get something else, I would recommend that. I had a Wii Free for over a year and went with the Wiikey just last week so I can something that has some kind of support for updates. Just my 2 cents.

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    I would just speak to the guy again.. surely he is still not offering WiiFree code as this code died out and was taken over by Bell and released as YAOSM (Yet Another Open Source Modchip).

    YAOSM 3.0 is fantastic and considered final at this stage. It also has the ability to be updated via DVD.

    Google search or search this forums for more info. I would suggest to call your contact and drop the acronym YAOSM to see if you get a bite.

    Hope this helps


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