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Thread: Infectus 2 for g2c d2b wii board

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    Infectus 2 for g2c d2b wii board

    Hi I'm pretty new to the modding thing (especially on the wii). I have done quite a few research myself about wat board I have. Apparently my chip set is a g2c d2b and non-cut pins. I looked around online for mod chips for wii and found about the infectus 2 (one that even tops wasabi with just only 5 wires for my chipset). Does any one know when the infectus 2 is out? Is the infectus 2 a mod chip itself or do I need to buy an argon with it, and what's with the jtag usb programmer. That does come with the infectus 2 mod chip right? I noticed that there are different number of wires for d2b and d2c, so where would the d2b wires go? Does any one have an already installed infectus 2 picture on a d2b or a tutorial video?

    I found this site online that sells the infectus 2:
    INFECTUS 2 modchip :: mod chip usa modchip ps2 xbox canada and united states pstwo xbox Modchip .us :: Nintendo Wii :: Modchips :: INFECTUS 2 modchip

    is that the infectus 2 that only requires 5 wires for my d2b like the infectus
    people mentioned here:

    :: InFeCtuS ::

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    I think the Infectus is definitely an overkill for the D2B. I would recommend either a WiiKey or a YAOSM 3.0. Both are 5 (6 for WiiKey) wires.

    Check out the YAOSM functions through either this forum or google search.

    Would definitely not go for the Infectus!

    Hope this helps.


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