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Thread: help needed with revirginising wii

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    help needed with revirginising wii

    Hi i seem to have run into a problem after following the guide to virgin yr wii again and all went well and I deleted the preloader section but it still seems to come back to preloader menu when starting up? It said I had deleted it all but I dont know what I have missed? Any help much appreciated. I want to re softmod it with the guide here as it was done ages back with twilight mod . thanks

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    Why would you need to virgin the Wii if you are just going to install the softmod again. That's pretty crazy you know. Removing all traces is risky.

    Just start the tutorial.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    THankyou for your help! Anyway, all is good and I now have a nice neat mod to play all the latest games with! YOu guys are so patient and a great site to find out everything you need for help! The reason I wanted to start from scratch was I had tried to just upgrade it all but I had so much mess on there it was really bugging me so I am glad i persevered as this is so much better! Thankyou again ...

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    I hate ppl who want to virginise the wii to start over............. dunno why tho, they make me want to kick them in the face....


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