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    Wiikey HELP

    ok im not good at all this but i have an older wii its got the wikey chip in it version 1 i think ive coped loads fo games all i used to do is durn the iso to disk using nero latly all the newer games come up unable to read disk or they boot ir the new mario boots and then get black screen and error when i click start i dont know what ive change or whats gone wrong the wii is fully updated i believe please some one tell me what im doing wrong


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    Well for a start you aren't making a lot of sense with the wall of text.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    ok sorry i have a wii it plays my old backs up fine but the newer games that are out it will not play them

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    U need the new ioses thats why u get black screen. Go her to see what game needs what ios to play:

    Hade the same problem: Wii 3.1E whit Wiikey 1.9s.
    Got the new games to work by softmoding the Wii whit this guide:

    If u have 4.2 use this guide:

    Playing the new games whit neogamma now
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