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Thread: Just Downgraded n need help...plz!

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    Just Downgraded n need help...plz!

    Well i just downgraded my Wii 4.1u to 3.2u using the HBC, then installed the USB Loader GX but now i cant play any original Wii games that i bought from the store like Mario Kart n Mario Sluggers Its asking me to do an update. So is there something i can do to play all my originals while im using the 3.2u to play all the other games from the USB Loader??....plz help! because i've been searching for a solution and im getting nothing.
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    Not really sure why you downgraded as that's a very old school homebrew tactic and no one really does that anymore, unless of course you followed some outdated tutorial on Youtube or something.

    Mario Kart is System Menu 3.1 while Sluggers is probably the same so it's not that part of the update that is triggering the update request.

    I would guess that when downgrading you also lost 1 or 2 of your IOS along the way. IOS are the system file packs your Wii uses to do stuff.

    You need IOS33-64-v1040 or IOS36-64-v1040 installed the play these games but the game disc may very well contain around a dozen other IOS which will ask for an update.

    Now the good news.

    As both games are 3.1 you will not get any update from them to your System Menu, you'll just get the lovely IOS that you need. I would say you should update from the discs in this instance.
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