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Thread: Semi bricked Pal Wii because of SSBB? not a problem anymore!

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    Semi bricked Pal Wii because of SSBB? not a problem anymore!

    Myself as many others got my Wii semi bricked after trying Super Smash Brawl Brothers. (Semi Brick = Cant access your options)

    As many of you know the only way to fix a semi brick is to update from a game disc with a higher update than the one that bricked your Wii, Also it must be of your region.

    Since SSBB is one of the newest games it has not been possible to get a PAL update higher than it (You cant get it from internet since you cant even access internet when you have got a semi brick)

    I thought that I had to wait for the new Mario Kart PAL that for sure doesnt arrive until christmas....

    But. Today I downloaded Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution PAL.
    And guess what! An system update occured. I updated and here I go!
    From the Game I got the update 3.1E v1 or something but it for sure must be newer than the SSBB update.

    TATA! My options is accessable again <3

    Still there are different ways to semi brick a Wii and this fix for sure does not fix all of them, the way I semi bricked my Wii was when I had the 3.0E update and tried to do the 15% trick of American SSBB.

    If that is your case then its confirmed by myself !
    Otherwise it should work for you who did semi brick with SSBB or earlier game, if it does not I dont know why :P

    PS: Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution is a very fun game, especially when you follow the TV show xD

    sry for eventual misspell

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    Just out of interest, cos I'm burning SSBB now - I've region patched it to PAL and Brick Blocked it so the update is removed. I should be safe, right?! \

    Any idea?


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