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Thread: Can I Get...

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    Can I Get...

    (D2ckey) Completely Solderless Nintendo Wii Modchip for around 45 or less?

    Are these reliable?

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    There is only one site I know of at the moment that has these available right now and they are charging $75 USD....Don't know what the exchange rate is but i'm sure you can figure it out.....And that is only on special right now....After they are going to charge $83 USD...

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    The Wlips are quite new and no one has them here in the UK I know of. I can get hold of the D2CKey Wlips however I'd suggest to wait for the Argon version or Wasabi version to appear.

    A reasonable price would be between 45 & 55.

    I can install a Argon chip wired with 1.8 for 80. Check my site for details.


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