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Thread: Trying To Install cIOS38 rev14, Freezing at Initializing Network

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    Trying To Install cIOS38 rev14, Freezing at Initializing Network

    (just for the record to start incase anyone saw my last post.. i have since downgraded my firmware back to 3.2U and have been working great with everything)

    i had cIOS38 rev14 installed and running.. i didn't like the loader that required it (NeoGamma r7)

    i wanted to run USB Loader GX but was having problems with it.. i read that i should have cios36 rev10. so i installed it..

    turns out that wasn't the problem and so i was just going to go back to cIOS38 rev14 and NeoGamma r7

    problem is that when i went to install rev 14 again and selected network install, it just sat there at "Initializing Network" for ever. and if i hit a button i would get a code dump

    my network works for the internet channel and weather and shop channel.
    and even in homebrew channel the icon noting network connection is lit up.

    i can even see the blue light on my usb network adapter lit up..

    but prett much the second i start up cIOS38 rev14 that blue light turns off.
    i checked the cios36 rev10 install and now it does the same thing.

    no idea whats going on.. some one please help if you can.. i have googled the crap out of this one and couldn't find any kinda of answer.

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    Hi there, why dont you try and do an offline instalation? How have you got your files in the sd card, are they under the correct folders?

    If i have helped in anyway please hit the THANKS BUTTON
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