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Thread: Wii Fit Upgrade broke Wii

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    Wii Fit Upgrade broke Wii

    My GF has a Wii, I hacked it months ago(using the homebrew SD card method), all was fine, store bought games ran fine on it, then she gets a Wii Fit yesterday and today she loads the game, runs it, and accepts the update for it. The update went 100%, the game started to load and stayed at a black screen. She reset the Wii after waiting awhile and when it starts up, it shows no video output to the tv. What exactly is the problem and is it reversible?

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    Just so we know: Hold reset and power on the wii. This will tell us if you have preloader installed. And when you power on, how many times does the dvd drive light flash? This will tell us if you have bootmii installed as boot2

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    It flashes once.

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    Did you use a guide from this site?

    Did anything happen when you powered on the wii while holding the reset button?

    Does the wii have a modchip in it?

    I know I'm hammering you with questions but just trying to troubleshoot.

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    Yes, I used a guide fromk this site I believe. Not sure though, I had to try a few different methods at first. All I know is that I used a HBC method that used an internet connection.

    She said it only turned on when she held down both the power and the reset button together.

    No modchip.

    Also, is there a way to get it back to its none modded state? As a quick fix so that she can atleast play her regular games?

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    Was it Wii fit or Fit plus? Fit Plus has IOS 53 which would need an update from your SD card.

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    it would be really helpful to know exactly what the screen shows when it is powered on. Since the dvd drive only flashes once that means that bootmii was not installed as boot2. If holding reset and powering on does not bring up preloader then that's not to good. Another option is getting a gamecube controller, plugging it into port 4 on the wii, holding all 4 direction buttons and powering on. If anyone else has any other ideas feel free to jump in or correct me, but I'm pretty sure these are the key factors in saving this...

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    Wii Fit Plus.

    And nothing comes up at all. The screen still looks as if the Wii would be turned off.

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    is the wii light green like it's powered on? Have you tried the gamecube controller trick to access the recovery menu?

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    I do not own a gamecube controller. I can try to get one from a friend. If I am able to get to the recovery menu you mentioned, what steps would I have to take to fix the Wii?


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