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Thread: Updated from NSMB disk

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    Updated from NSMB disk

    My beloved son could not wait for me to get home from work and put my "Back up copy" of New Super Mario Bros in and chose to do the update from the disk, now I have 4.1 and although my WII will still play my other "Backups" I get nothing but black screen when choosing the homebrew channel so I can't do any WAD stuff to run NSMB or anything else for that matter, I have searched the forums for 3 hours while continually drinking and have now hit the point where I feel it prudent to ask for help.

    I softmodded the WII using the twilight hack and have updated this many times in ways I can no longer remember other than to say my "Backup" games run same as norm from the regular disk channel, other than Homebrew channel taking me to black screen all is still working as before, "Backups" still working etc.

    If this has been answered before after the sarcastic outburst (Which I am old enough to ignore) please provide answer or relevant link.

    Thank you for any help.

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    have you tried with a modern guide? I used the twighlight hack back in the day, but now I mod them with the 3.1-4.1 guide in my signature. Give that a shot and see if that helps any. *unless you have bootmii as boot2 in which case restore everything then give it a go and take yourself to 4.1 with the same guide*

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    This installer can NOT continue.

    Known vunrebale ios


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    give this a shot.

    also in the future you might want to consider preloader to block disc updates...

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    No, the link kindly provided by junkmailturds is for 4.2 Wiis.

    To recover your Wad Manager function on your now 4.1 Wii. Download Bannerbomb v 1: bannerbomb and copy to SD card. Copy Wad Manager.dol file to the Root directory of the SD card and rename as boot.elf. You need a clean IOS36 to install:

    Go into Wii Options --> Data Management --> Channels --> SD Card. Say yes to load boot.elf; Wad Manager will open, use it to install the clean IOS36 wad file.

    Now the hackmii package will work to install HBC on your Wii.

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    Okay got the homebrew back but get black screen when I choose wad installer have saved onto smaller sd one of the 4.2 steps to use bannerbomb to install wads not perfect but ? now just not getting NSMB to work oh well.

    Thanks for your help guys.
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