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Thread: A bit confusing, but I am not giving up!

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    A bit confusing, but I am not giving up!

    Hi all. I am pretty new to the whole Wii hack scene. I had a softmod that worked great in 4.0, but I accidentally upgraded my Wii to 4.2. Now I am trying to figure out how to re hack it. I have not had any luck yet, but I also have not bricked my Wii I guess I should stay positive. lol, but I do have a question. Did anyone ever make a video on youtube on how to hack your Wii with 4.2U?? I saw the video on how to hack in 4.0, the one that is titled "How to hack your Wii in 7 minutes" It was so easy! These steps are a bit confusing to me, and somewhat hard to follow. I am not complaining, I just think it would be easier to see someone do it vs having to read about it. I don't know I guess my TV lovin' generation just learns better by seeing a video vs reading about it.....Or at least I think I would anynway. Regardless this site has been a huge help so far, and until either I figure it out, or brick my Wii I will be here reading, and doing. Anyone think a video would make it easier or am I alone in thinking that?? Just wondering..

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    when it comes to modding, youtube plus modding usually equals FAIL. What steps of the 4.2 guide on this site are you having problems with?

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    Well scratch that! I just followed this guide and it is working perfectly! I dont know, maybe last night I was too tired to figure it out, but this guide helped me in a little more than 10 minutes... Wow I feel dumb! Haha. But thank you anyway.


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