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Thread: WiiKey Dead?

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    WiiKey Dead?

    Hi! i am looking at modchips for the wii and might get a wiikey
    but....there website is down and according to forums its been down for like
    3 months. Ive also read their updates take longer. Is it worth getting knowing
    there site is down (I dont care why). And there support seems well
    bad. Cyclowiz v2 is my second choice although install seems harder

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    Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts is now back up and an official update (most likely the last update) has been released as 1.9s. Plenty of retailers selling WiiKeys and Wiikey clones (also updatable).

    Personally I go for homebrew.. much sweeter code which is kept up to date constantly. The new YAOSM 3.0 code has the ability to update via DVD and you can also turn off the modchip with an additional wire install.

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