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Thread: Neewbie help Usb update gx and WBFS

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    Neewbie help Usb update gx and WBFS


    can anyone help me with a few issues

    1. if i use WBFS on P.C to copy iso image to HDD does it scrub the the update or do i need to use scrubber first
    2. When using usb loader gx does this scrub the update when copying the game from wii to hdd
    3. Is it o.k to play ntsc games from HDD as long as i scrub update from disk

    I have read as much as i can.I really just want to clarify these issues

    Many thanks

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    Do you have anything like preloader installed? This is a great way to block updates. There is also a program called brickblocker that will get rid of updates. If you play out of region games make sure you do not do a disc update or you will semibrick your wii.

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    1. yes
    2. it expands the game back to full size
    3. updates are prevented through backup loaders

    See for more useful info.
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    Many thanks for reply

    got a Black wii, havnt opened it yet. Got it for xmas. Am confident in softmodding. I just wanted to know if you use WBFS to copy image over to HDD does it scrub the update or do i need to use scruuber first.


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    Many Thanks ppl

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    I know you're loading through usb, but just so you know if you don't already, a lot of people with newer wii's have a new dvd drive installed that doesn't recognize dvd-r's. Usb loaders work fine, but if you can't get discs to run that's probably why.


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