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Thread: new super mario STILL gives me start error

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    new super mario STILL gives me start error

    ok here is what i've done so far....
    installed rev 14
    installed uloader 3.1
    installed ios53-64-v5406.wad
    updated usbloader GX from inside the programs updater

    it still wont work!
    im ready to say screw this game, but does anyone else have a raging clue???

    i just now realized i posted this in the wrong section

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    What OS are you running on?

    Have you tried Configurable USB Loader?

    I am running on 4.1U with Config USB on rev14 and uloader 3.1 and have no trouble at all. Don't know if that will help or not, but it's worth a try.

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    im running it on 4.1E usb loader gx - rev14 with no issues at all.

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