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Thread: Extra Wasabi please!

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    Extra Wasabi please!

    My first console mod since the ps2 days! I was a little nervous about the install since I have a d2c, but I went for it. Wasnt that bad. Anyway... Here it is. The first game I tested was Mario Galaxy NTSC-U brickblocked. Started right up.

    Also SSBB NTSC-U original copy booted right up!
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    interesting wire routing. Thanks for the pics!

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    Yeah, it is... just kinda did my own thing. It worked, so I was happy!

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    Wasabi install looks so easy!!

    The Wasabi chip looks quite easy to install.
    Kinda glad I have the skill from installing all those 31 wire d2ckey chips

    chicagoland modder

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    To scale pics. *kisses feet*

    You did not do anything with the 4 jumpers pins labelled 1, 1 and 2, 2. I am thinking that I need to lead the wires outside of the Wii console so that I can configure regionality.

    My chip came with 10 different colored wires and I see that you used one color of wire.

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    My chip came with no wires.

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    I am having a hell of a time trying to solder the G, H, and I wires to that D2C chip on the board. Got any pointers on making it less aggravating?

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    I am working on the Wasabi but out of curiousity ordered a Wii-Clip from The Wii-Clip clips on to the chip on the Wii board and you solder the mod chip to it. Now so far techsick only has one for D2Ckey and D2Cpro but if you go to wii-clip for WIIKEY,D2CKEY,D2CPRO,ARGON,D2PRO, WASABI and DMS,D2A,D2B,D2C for wii console! it says the current version does all wires except for F.

    There is a video
    on wiring to the pins.

    I have a board from no-longer-needed hardware that has pins just like the Wii and I am practicing on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praygo View Post
    My chip came with no wires.
    but you've manage to find it somewhere. radio shack or somewhere..good work. thanks for the pictures

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    I can tell you more about the Wii-Clip. The one I bought is V1. A V5 for the Wasabi has been announced.

    The Wii-Clip has a rubber square that grips the chip on the Wii that you solder to. Embedded in the rubber square are wires to make the electrical connections. V5 will do 8 of the 9 wires and V1 does 6.

    I still have the remaining 3 to solder before I know if my soldering is going to work.

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