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Thread: spore hero backup wont load, freezes wii

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    spore hero backup wont load, freezes wii

    i just ripped spore hero using rawdump2.1.the rip was successful and the iso was 4.37. i burned it at 4x and 8x using image burn as well as nero. both discs lock up my wii as soon as the wii drive tries to read them. i have to eject the disc and reboot the wii. the wii has fw 4.2 and is modded with a wiikey 2. the retail game works fine. i have never had a problem booting backups in the past no matter what speed they are burned at.

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    just burned mrvl ultimate all 1 with friidump and it plays great. will try to rip spore hero with friidump and see what happens. maybe rawdump doesnt like my pc.


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