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Thread: Argon or D2pro?

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    Argon or D2pro?

    My cousin is not able to upgrade his wii anymore, he has an older wii, and I don't want that to happen to me... which modchip is better for this?

    Will either allow me to watch dvd movies?

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    My personal opinion would be the Argon. The reason being is that they have an active team constantly working on the code out in the open.

    D2Pro is a great chip and has worked fine out of the box however I really think their only motive is $$$$$. Team infectus seem to be proud of their product and over boast about it's potential and ability however maybe their right to boast.

    The choice is yours and I'd suggest to do your research on both before deciding for sure.

    There is the Wasabi chip available also however this only has a DVD update (256kb eeprom) as opposed to D2Pro/Argon 2mb JTAG upgrade.


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    older wii's (pre august/07 in NA) cannot use the argon or the d2pro chips...the only 1 atm apparently is the wasabi.....

    who knows if they will be able to or not in the future

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