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Thread: my wii keeps bricking

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    my wii keeps bricking

    I have a 4.1U wiii softmodded and lately it bricked when I exited a game from wiiflow. On reboot it has the system files corrupt screen. I bootmii as boot2 but all I did at first was reinstall my sysmenu and it worked fine. I then used the guide and all was fine.

    Except that my SD menu now freezes the wii. In data management and in the sd menu from the home screen. Other than that all was well. until just a day later it did the same thing.

    reboots after exiting a game in wiiflow and then the system files are corrupt again. Reinstalled sysmenu again and the sd menus still freeze.

    I formatted the SD card and everthing else seems to work just fine.

    I guess I could do a NAND restore. I never have before. Will that erase all my lateset save data from after the backup was made?

    Has anymone else had this kind of problem with the wii corrupting sys menu and freezeing SD menus?

    Thanks for any insight.

    I am leaning towards a bad file on the SD card. Maybe some leftover bannerbomb or something. I removed most all the info off the card and all is working now. No more SD menu freezing.
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    So you fixed your corrupted file system yes?
    I had that trouble with my sd-card, not sure why. But I was able to access it from the maintenance mode, and after that the problem disappeared.
    Boot the wii, hold + and - at the health screen, then push A while holding + and - down. Try to access the sd-card. Just a thought.

    If you keep having trouble you should try to reinstall the system ios60, then your system menu- see if that fixes it.

    Are you using preloader? or just bootmii?
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    I have just bootmii installed.

    I have reinstalled the sys menu twice now. the first time I did it it only lasted a day before it went all system menu corrupt and junk. I'm going to go get a new SD card anyway. I will re softmod again and see how long it lasts.

    EDIT: OK it lasted 5 days this time. The SD card is was straightened out but just now when I exited a game back to sys menu it came up with the System files corrupt. I have a nand backupto fix it, but this is getting silly. I've tried other backups I had they all do the same. I hope this is not a hardware prob. Bootmii only found one bad block when I did the backup.
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