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    Question need some help

    i am new to all this. hope someone can give me some good advice. i have a wii with a DriveKey (Config x4 Version) installed. i just updated to 4.1 from a disc. (new super mario) i am not connected to the internet with my wii. what i want to ask. will it brick my wii or hurt it in anyway if i try to install homebrew and try to use a usb loader??
    i am quit happy using dvd's but i hear you can put games on a hard drive and play games off it. hope some one can help me. thanks tigerdean
    or what can i still do to my wii now i have 4.1??????

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    You will be fine. Just follow the guide for 4.1 in my signature and you won't have a problem. Be sure NOT to accept the nintendo update to 4.2 if it asks you to update. It will delete your homebrew. Also be sure to disable connect24 in your wii settings.

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