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Thread: Help please

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    Us Help please

    Long story short my old wii that was softmodded was stolen. I went bought a new one and it was 4.1 so I followed a few different guides trying to get it to load my personal backups and nothing worked. So I accidently updated to 4.2u. I have tried a few guides once again and no luck. So now I used the tools to make my wii a virgin again and I think it went ok. So what I and offering is money paypal donation to anyone who wants to take the time to talk me thru this on the phone. I can call or you can call. I will pay or donate. Or should I just pay one of these services like myhome
    ? If this is the wrong place to post please tell me where to post. If interested in helping and making a couple bucks. Email or MSG kryptoniz3d on yahoo or aim.


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    No need to pay money to anyone. All of the info is free. Follow the guide in my signature for a 4.2 if that is still your system menu and report back if you run into a bump that is not explained in the guide. You are able to do this yourself. And if someone else does it for you, if you ever have to do anything to update an ios or something in order to play a new game you won't know how.

    And you might want to remove your e-mail. Never recommended to post it like that.

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    OK I an going to do this one more try LOL one quiestion should I setup inet before I start?

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    disk read error 1101

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    ok I did down to
    -For DVD launching, go to NeoGamma r7 (if you get a black screen on this one, you have not done B or C correctly. Try running them again)
    -For USB launching, go to USB loader GX

    I then redid the sd card with the first group of files put it in launched HB then used Neo put a backup dvd in and got that error

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    Ok. Did you successfully install cios38rev14? That could be one cause for that error. Another cause could be (depending on how new your wii is) a new dvd drive that nintendo put in to keep backup discs from being read.
    Few questions: What game are you trying to load, What brand of discs are you using, What program are you burning with, and at what speed are you burning?

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    ok when I did C8)Proceed with the installation, and you are done.
    You should have ios249rev14 isntalled, which will allow you to run any Backup loader or USB laoder!
    It said succesfull so I assumed I was done. my wii is 3 days old it came with firmware 4.1 I thought I read only the ones that come with 4.2 had the drive that wouldnt read backups/ I am useing image burner and pihillips dvd-r

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    I don't think any of the wiis coming out now have 4.2 already installed. From what I've read the ones with the new dvd drive have 4.1 on them. We will hope that this isn't the case. what speed are you burning at? Give 2x a try. If this doesn't work I would buy a couple of verbetim discs and give them a shot since they are the best. If that doesn't work you might have one of the new dvd drives. Not all is lost if you do have it. The price of an external hard drive (which does work with these new wiis) is almost offset by the cost of new games. Most new games are at least $60? Honestly it's not sounding to good.

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    I have 2 or 3 external HDs 1 terra I also have 4 or 5 32gig thumb usb drives will games load from a thumb drives as fast?

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    Yes they do. If I'm not mistaken there is no distinction between usb and disc. I would be loading everything I had off of a hdd... but my wife would circumcise me if I dropped that kind of money on an external hard drive. In my opinion, that's the way to go anyways. It's easier to load games, you don't have to burn discs, and you don't eat up a bunch of space on your normal computer with zipped iso files.

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