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Thread: Can one 'turn off' the Argon?

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    Can one 'turn off' the Argon?

    Or does it have an invisible mode? or something that would 'disable it' so I'd be able to upgrade my wii...

    I've been reading and it seems to be the best modchip out there right now, but I wanted to know if it will be the best in the future or if I should just go for d2cpro

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    From what I have read and heard for modders, updates dont affect your wii.

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    Currently there is no way to disable your Argon chip however I believe it only operates and injects code when it detects a backup.

    There is a blue power light on constantly but I don't believe the Big N will even be able to detect this.

    I guess it's possible through firmware and/or an additional wire to add the ability to disable the Argon if the future permits but it's not likely that this function will even be required.

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