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Thread: Help with pre-installed modification from Vendor/Manufacturer

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    Question Help with pre-installed modification from Vendor/Manufacturer

    I have bought a WII that according to the shop was not modified. However, it has a disc channcel called "backup disc" that loads all backup WII games. The newest games like WII Fit PLUS now give me a 002 error, so I need to update.

    My problem: I don't know how my WII is modified. Is it a chip? Is it SoftMod? There is no homebrew channel or anything else installed that I can see. All I know is that none of the other channels work online, and I can't enable WIIConnect?

    What should I update my system with? I don't want to install something that conflicts with whatever I have now and risk bricking it. Any advice?

    WII is Made in CHina, supposed to only be sold in Korea, and has a 3.2u system.

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    ok ....first off ..if you want to be able to play baccup (burned ) games i would NOT suggest an official nintendo update...if it is a 3.2u system then its running a USA version menu U=usa J=japan etc. so not sure whats up with that ..if it has a "baccup channel " and indeed does play baccup software ...then it most assuredly IS modded (reguardless of what was told to you ) if you really dont have a clue and if your wii isn't still under warranty (im assuming its not ) you could always crack the case open, if it has a chip you should be able to see it (should be connected between the motherboard and the dvd drive ) and it should tell you what type of chip it is ...

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    Thank you for your advice. I have to go buy a screwdriver small enough to unscrew those tiny screws.

    I have another question. You say it is definetely modded, either hard or softmod. Does this mean it would be safe to install a backup launcher channel with 002 fix without needing to do anything else before it (IOS, homebrew channcel, etc.)

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    I think I'm getting somewhere. When I go into baccup launcher without a CD in the drive, and then press "1" I get a menu. In about it says WIIGator. Now I have a starting point : )


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