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Thread: New super Mario Bros (green screen)

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    New super Mario Bros (green screen)

    Firstly i apologize if this has already been answered, i did a search but found nothng.

    Hi everyone, i have read as much of this as possible for 188 pages but im still not clear on how to run the game.

    I have a backup on a verbatim disc burned at x4.

    On my wii i have NeoGamma R6, Backup Launcher version 0.3 gamma and my homebrew channel is v1.0.3 IOS61 v19.26.

    The actual ISO i CANNOT get to open with WII scrubber, it wont load the ISO.

    So basically can anyone give me a heads up on how to load the game please? I just get a green screen when trying to load.

    Im using a PAL wii.

    Much appreciated.

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    make sure your 002 fix is turned on and if the download is a different region than your wii try to force the video settings in neogamma. There's a link to neogamma rev7 in my sig should you feel the desire to update. I was playing the nitro pal version on my ntsc wii w/ rev7 softmod. no chip. from usb.

    I used this guide to get it to run from disc on a soft mod.
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    Im using a Pal wii as im in the UK.

    I cant run the 0002 fix as the ISO wont open in my WIIscrubber, it just cant load the it. The backup i have is a PAL too.

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    Ok. Install neogamma rev7 that is linked in my sig. It has an automatic 002 error fix that is applied every time. You won't have to mess with that wiiscrubber stuff. Since the game is the same region don't worry about the video settings.

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    Thanks mate, can you just clarify that i put the file in my wad folder on my sd card and then install it via wadmanager on my wii?

    Do i need to uninstall the old neogamma? If so how?


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    Yes. (haven't looked at the file in a while) but if it is a .wad file and not a .dol you're right. Just put it in the wad file on your sd card and install it. I'm pretty sure you don't have to uninstall the old neogamma first. I doubt they would make an update that wouldn't update you. It was really nice when I realized that rev7 had in built in 002 fix. Saved a lot of time doing all the wiiscrubber removal.

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    Hi again mate,

    installed neogamma v7 but when it loads it says "your cIOS has revision 7, Neogamma was written for revision 14 and up, if you get compatibility problems, update the cIOS"

    Also when trying to load Mario i still get the green screen.

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    cIOS38rev14 is in my signature as well. This is the latest one (but it's rumored that wanikoko will release rev15 on christmas eve).

    Also where did you get the iso from? Is it the nitro release that was put out or a different one?

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    The ISO i actually struggled to find. Via google im afraid so for all i know it could be bad...

    I havnt found a well rcommended one yet sadly.

    On the cios38rev14 it appears i already have it on my sd card, in the wad folder. I installed it via wad manager but when i load up Neogamma 7 i am still getting the same message...

    "your cIOS has revision 7, Neogamma was written for revision 14 and up, if you get compatibility problems, update the cIOS"

    im stumped.

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    The installation was successful with wad manager? I'm not sure why it would still be saying that... the nitro pal release works well, and so does the qwiif release.

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