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Thread: upgrading wii to fix new 002 error

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    upgrading wii to fix new 002 error

    I have a soft mod wii, and games were ok until now. For the past months, I modified the game ISOs before burning with the genericwiipatcher to remove 002 errors, but recently burning wii sports resort showed the same old error message, and the genericwiipatcher did not work.

    After reading through, it looks like there is time to upgrade the sotwares on my wii. I would like to ask for pointing me to the right forums to do so.

    I bouhgt the wii as it is, so I can detail the current softwares on the sd card

    Current setting:

    wii firmware is 3.3Ebackup launcher 0.3 gamma
    softchip v0.0.1-alpha
    cios rev v36 rev07 - cios isntaller v1.4
    wad manager 3

    I just spent a few hours reading through comments, and the more I read, the more questions I have.
    Question is simple: could you point me to the right thread to see what new programs i shall install, in what order?

    thanks in advance.

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    Neogamma R7 Try this to load your backups... I beleive it patches on the fly for the 002 error

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    Hi, you need to download and install ciosrev14 installer. This will bring your Wii more up to date for certain things.

    Now youy need to get version 4 or 6 upward with neogamma and you go into the config page in neogamme by holding one and change the oo2 fix setting inside. If you need help, reply here and i will help you as much as possible!

    If i have helped in anyway please hit the THANKS BUTTON

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    I'm having the same problem with 2 games throught USB Harddrive on USB Loader GX getting Error #002 but if I load those game on gamma they work just fine, what can I do to fix it on USB Loader GX as I prefer using that. I have cIOS38r14 installer and CIOS 222 Installer v4 but not ciosrev14 Installer, I haven't ran 222 cause I don't want to have to have the SD Card mounted, where can I get ciosrev14 installer
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    Nevermind I just found a setting within USB Loader GX that just so happens to say error#002 fix which was on no so I put it to yes and it loads up now.

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