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Thread: Step B8

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    Step B8

    After following Step B8 it says

    Opening "IS0249.WAD please wait ...OK

    >>Deleting tickets...ERROR (ret = -1017
    >>Deleting title contents...ERROR (ret = -1017)
    >>Deleting title... ERROR (ret = - 1017)

    press any buttons to continue

    is this normal or has it not worked

    sorry for so many posts

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    Take a look at the error index in my signature. It will help you out with any error you get in the future.

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    And to help yourself and others in future refer to the guide by linking to it rather than just 'B8' as that could be any guide on the internet, even one by a moustached gentleman who shall remain nameless.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Junkmailturds thanks for that however can you or anybody else help with the answer as I don't know how to do this or should I follow the solution for error code 2011

    @ Tealc - Apologies, your point has been taken on board

    IOS Installation Error Most likely using an old or incorrect IOS, missing an IOS, or the IOS you're trying to install cannot be installed on top of another.

    Q. How do I fix this error?
    A. Fix it by installing a newer IOS 249 than the one you already have (if you don't have it, try installing it). If you still get this error, fix it the same way as Error 2011.

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    Just so we're on the same page, are you using messie's guide for softmodding a 4.2?

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    Yes sorry for not linking or mentioning this

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    Ok. Give it another try and be sure to choose IOS36 when you start wad installer, make sure you switch it to uninstall (like you have been I see) and uninstall the stub.

    Again, make sure the first ios you choose is ios36 when it starts.

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    Brilliant thanks for your help, I have managed to do this now and have it fully working

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    Glad to hear it. It's always nice when people report back success so others following a thread get a warm fuzzy about fixing their same problem the same way.

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    So yoffer. What was your solution here?


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