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Thread: A minor problem with sd, bootmii.

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    A minor problem with sd, bootmii.

    Hello, first post, there is some problems.
    Did searches for the answers but cant seems to find them.

    Straight to the problem:
    I intend to softmodd the wii, currently 3.4E
    been following "New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii".

    I made it to backing up 2. Nand (in boot2), sort of did that but seems my digital camera can only read fat. (only sd reader in the house atm)
    I can however format it and put files from the computer in fat32 but disconnect it and the reconnect, it cant read it. =wii then computer bad.
    Making backing up the nand really hard.

    So i started to think i do got a sd adapter but a 4 gb micro,can read that to computer. That might work but only after i update the wii. (due to 2gb limitation)
    Could back up my nand with that.

    So i was thinking i would load all the things i need/whant into the sd card (the 2gb sd, Wii Softmod 111009, usb loader and so on) then backup nand on it.
    Then the rest of the guide from CIOS , IOS60 then 4.1, try out the sd adapter after to make another nand that i can copy to the computer=
    keeping the nand on the 2gb one just in case untill done.

    Main problem cant seem to access bootmii or rather i started auto once when i restarted wii, i think i was. (boot2)
    Did it a few Hours ago before i noticed the fat problem.

    So the question i really asked how to access the bootmii in boot2, i cant remove the Bootmii folder after, will that be a problem.
    You can just exit bootmii right, memory is getting a bit fussy.
    just the sd card in the wii then a dont show up bootmii as it did once.

    So some advice or that cant be done and why would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance Malainor.

    Ps i could just get a proper sd reader, but atm out of cash and no one i know got one.

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    Bootmii/boot2 check the SD card for special files in SD:\bootmii when it starts up. During the bootmii install process it would have copied these files to your SD.

    Removal of these files from the SD or failure to place in SD slot means bootmii will not start.

    So to resume bootmii you need those files. I have a PAL configured bootmii folder bootmii folder.rar If you are not pal then you can try and edit the bootmii.ini folder on your computer to your region.

    Bootmii itself is fussy which SD it uses.

    If you cannot find a solution I would recommend skipping the NAND backup until you can source a cheap SD reader (I got mine for 1) and just proceeding with the tutorial. Any serious issues you do have can be sorted through bootmii/boot2 (99% brick protection)
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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