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Thread: Can not open a Wiiware game?

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    Can not open a Wiiware game?

    Yesterday I downloaded a Pokémon Rumble wad, and the installation worked fine. It appears in the menu, and I start the game. However, the screen just turns black with nothing at all. It was like this for half an hour. After that, I restarted the Wii and everything else is fine. But Pokémon Rumble still won't load. May I ask, why?

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it is a problem with your IOS's since I had this problem when I couldn't play a game a while back. My advice, would be to get DOP-IOS and install IOS61 and I BELIEVE 53.

    EDIT: Found something else, I will redirect you to this thread.
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    I'm installing the thing, thanks! Hope it works.


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