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    AgentX Mod Channel

    Wright i have installed dvdx and AgentX Mod Channel not forward, but when i try to play a xvid movie file i get exception dsi error,not sure what else i need to do, befor i get the dsi error it what me to choose the path,so i select the usb drive and bang dsi error. I completed the 3.4 to 4.1 softmod a couple of days ago to the letter,every thing else works fine,apart from the wii shop channel it just freezes,oh and i cant get super mario bros to boot from gx loader.I have spent about 60 hours learning this stuff and setting up my sons new wii for chrismas. Getting abit tired of searching for all the probs i have had.just need to put a few more things wright and im done. If some one could be so kind to point me in the wright direction on these few problems i have left i would be so grateful.
    cheers guys

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    you need to install Hermes v4 ios202 and retry. Also, you neeed to have the mplayer files in the root of the SD card

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    Try a different media player, such as MplayerCE, I have found this one to work with everything, including network streaming through samba shares.

    Wii Shop Channel is a little redundant when you have a softmod as you can attain everything you need without it.

    As for NSMBW there is a huge thread dealing with that and I'd be surprised if the answer you need isn't there. It took me 1 minute to get the game working through USB Loader GX once I got the modified PAL version (just needed the 002 fix).
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    MPlayer - AgentX Mod Channel,dose not reqire the sd card to be in,dose it.the MPlayer - AgentX Mod Channel, one file is in the wad file as this how i was told to install it,and dvdx file is in the spplication file. Any how i did try it with the sd card in but no joy,are the file in the wright place,and do i need to install the herms iso220 file from the hombrew channel aswell then.

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    Sorry i made a mistake about the dvdx,its installed through the hackme part of softmod ian as i understand it when completed the files are not reuired to stay on sd card,any how the problems i have from above still stand.

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    The Dsi error might be that the drive is not formatted to FAT, if it's NTFS the Wii can't cope. Mario will definitely play with the 002 fix and Wii Shop can be made to work again using If you do a quick search you should find it.



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