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Thread: Messie's Complete 4.2 Guide Password Prtected Files

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    Messie's Complete 4.2 Guide Password Prtected Files

    Hi, I know that the guide I need for my problem is the 4.2 complete guide my Messie, But the Links to all the Downloads are All Password Protected, Something to do with some guy on Y O U T U N E copying all his links, Just wondering how to get the Passwords, Read his post and he doesn't seem like the sort of person who likes to be asked questions by Newbs, and I honestly have tried to sort this out myself, but without the software I am lost.
    Let me introduce you to my WII, I have bought this for my kids for Christmas and was hoping to get it all running everything possible by then, (I am on my 3rd week of customization), first thing It is a brand new this month, Menu Version 3.4e.
    First thing I did was bought a DRIVEKEY, I installed that and it went really well, Tested it with ISO's downloaded and burned onto Verbatim DVD-R Media, (Did this with PAL "My Region" And NTSC Games) Both played really well, Drivekey was configured not to go online for all backups, And I had not connected to internet yet anyway. All was good, Then I decided to install the Homebrew Channel, So I downloaded the Bannerbomb And HackMii installer, put onto SD card, went to WII menu, then channels then SD Card, all went well until 3rd option could not be installed, so Installed as Ios Instead of Boot2, Installed DVDx and Homebrew Channel. Restarted and all was good.
    Then I decided to Install some APPs, Got WAD manager there, Homebrew Browser, (Online At This Point, Via Wireless And My Wireless Roter), And all was going well, Then I decided to Install Internet Channel, And I read that I may need to Downgrade to get best out of homebrew apps as version 3.4e was not compatible with everything, So I downloaded the Downgrader Pack for Menu Version 3.4, I just used the folder called WII Downgrader, and ran it, all went really well, I even downloaded all the IOS's and was able to install WAD Manager as a channel, Then I did the Really wrong Part, I decided to Downgrade my Menu To what I read was most compatible for homebrew, So I selected version 3.2e from choices and installed, Great I could install loads of Homebrew, But then I put a disk in and even though I could still access the Drivekey by pressing Eject X3, it would not play any backups, NTSC or PAL, devestated I tried to find my old IOS in the downgrade list but it only went up to V3.3, not knowing if this would suffice I completely Bricked out and just updated the whole thing to the latest Version 4.2e using the WII's Update feature. This solved My Drivekey problem partially, as now it will only play Own Region Backups, But I cannot Install WADS anymore, I just get a black screen when loading WAD Manager, Also I can No longer Change Version/Downgrade, And Even Though I have just managed to backup my NAND Using Homebrew Channel, And BootMII from Home Menu, I cannot seem to Get/Shuffle My WAD Files any More, I have some there and still having Homebrew channel is a positive I suppose, But I feel Locked out, I have a backup of Twilight Princess, and it loads with Drivekey And used to Activate the Twilight Hack, But Now the save file just gets deleted, (I found this method about the same as the Hackmii Installer, Cos I have been doing Everything else through Homebrew Channel And Applications In There), But now I am unable to run loads of apps cos i Cannot run WAD Manager, I have not Tried Version 0.5 Yet but have had no success locating it. And do not know if this will sort out my problem.
    I did exactly the same thing to my brothers 3.4e except Downgrading, and fitting A drivekey And he is able to do all the things I want to do Like Dump Games so I can Play Backups and not the original Expensive Disks, But As I said before I am Completely Locked Out.
    Well That's me and The issues I am facing right up to Christmas, If anyone has A solution, I am Fair at following Instructions and would really like to have this sorted by then, Feel free to make suggestions, I would be very Grateful, I posted this long description as a warning to others, to stop when you are ahead, I took a big jump at the end and now My efforts have come to a grinding stop.
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you were not stupid enough to bypass the reading of the guide you would see the password. People say I dont speak well to them. Well, you are the proof that there is a reason for that...

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    Talk about missing the blindingly obvious.

    And people wonder why they get treated with a little scorn by busy Mods.

    I am Fair at following Instructions
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    If you were not stupid enough to bypass the reading of the guide you would see the password. People say I dont speak well to them. Well, you are the proof that there is a reason for that...
    Agreed, I mean really?

    Second line of the guide clearly says [in red letters I might add]


    Following directions and reading a guide proper is definately not your strong suit there buddy.
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    Big wall of text hurts my eyes and I lol at your fail.

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