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Thread: 4.2e help please

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    4.2e help please

    I've got a modded wii (wikey chip ) that has been accidently upgraded to 4.2e, after this upgrade about half of backup games don't work, is there anything I can do to get these to work.

    Apologies if I've missed a post on this already but I'm a complete novice to this kind of stuff, did try and search but see anything.

    I could do with you assuming I'm a 6 year old with any technical explainations as I'm a total novice with this kind of stuff, I'm just trying to fix the problems so the kids stop giving me grief.

    All help greatly appreciated


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    I guess it did a system update. Have you done anything to the Wii since.
    Here is a very complete guide, its all there, just follow it exactly.

    Don’t update to 4.2, but if you are already on 4.2, complete 4.2 guide written by Messie

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    Yeah kids updated it accidently nothing else has been done though they just tried to play games most which don't work

    I saw this post but wasn't sure if this was what I needed to do just to play backups or if it was for was for something else.


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    I think if you don't want to fully softmod your Wii, you should check out your wikey chip updates. I'm sure there is a simpler answer. Hard mods are supposed to cope with updates.
    If you have no luck here try posting in the Wii modchip forum.

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    also you will not be able to play out of region games with hardmod, only softmod


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