Hi guys. I have been searching for over 24 hours straight on these forums without even a cup of coffee because I really want guitar hero 5 too run. I have tried the "Guitar Hero 5 Guide!!!" and followed all of its steps

I have wii system menu 4.1 it is soft modded of course
I have cIOS 249 rev 14 (i tried 13 and 15)
I am using Configurable USB loader v46. (I have tried 46-48)
I have everything that the guide tells me to have installed but yet guitar hero 5 doesn't work.

Configurable USB loader says something like:

please wait game loading
init sd:/usb-loader/ehcmodule4.elf

and after that just freezes at that screen for a never ending eternity. (hehe never ending eternity oxy moron ^^) does anybody know how to fix this issue ANY help is much obliged and will get a thanks