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Thread: Wii plays back ups but then stops minutes later with error. Please Help!

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    Us Wii plays back ups but then stops minutes later with error. Please Help!

    Hello everyone. Just minutes ago, I damn near successfully backed up my 1st wii game following all the tutorials and help from you kind people on this site. I dumped my disc for my ISO, ran the ISO through wiibrickblocker (just in case there are any updates on the disk), and burned the iso with imageburn AND a second copy with NERO. I found that for me, using an external 2.0 USB DVD-Rom drive was the easiest way. My first attempt burning with Imageburn didn't work well. I tried the backup on my Wii and played the disk fine untill it got to a stage just after the title screen then a black screen that states: "The Wii cannot read the disc. Please refer to your owner's manual" came on. I re-burned the iso with Nero and tried it again. This time, I actually played the game for a few minutes, then the same screen came on again.

    FYI: My iso size is 4.37 GB (4,699,979,776 bytes) so I know the rawdump worked. I am using rawdump 2.0, I have .NET framework 2.0 installed in my computer, I am using a LG GDR 8164B DVD-Rom drive, and I am using imageburn and or Nero6 to burn the iso and I have a Wii model # RVL-001 (USA) soft modded with the Twilight Hack.

    Can anyone tell me what the problem may be? Just for shits and giggles, I ran my iso filethrough wiibrickblocker before I burned it. Could that be causing this problem? I have other backed up wii games that play perfectlly fine on my system, but I can't get this my game (LEGO Indiana Jones)..... to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Not much to offer, best discs Verbatim, DVD-R imageburn slow.
    Try a different loader Neogamma 7, or Gecko.

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