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Thread: sd card slot cannot be used (Any Idea's)

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    sd card slot cannot be used (Any Idea's)

    Hello everyone,

    First I want to say this site is FABULOUS
    It has be very helpful on my new wii hobby!!!

    But sad to say I have a problem and I have search and googled the G's out of _oo_le......

    New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii
    I follow this guide to the letter and update to 4.0u from a 3.2. Everything was fine untill (Yeah I know you use everything at your own RISK)

    When I updated to 4.0u I was able to use the SD card channel which was great, I got a new 8gig SDHC card which was working fine untill I just decided to install cIOScorp 3.3. I was so happy to see it boot from disk channel that I did not check to see if anything else was working, so I decide to play one of the wads stored on my SDHC card and there it was sd card slot cannot be used.

    I can still play all of my backups with no problem even the other apps, I just can not access my SDHC card.

    I also put on parental control so no one could update the wii with out the pin and now that stalls and then freeze up with I enter the pin

    I really don't know what to do and I am
    I do not want it brick it is my only source of entertainment....

    - Should I just start over from stratch
    - Should I uninstall cIOScorp 3.3
    - Could this be Fixed

    Please Help.....Thanks in Advanced

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    Well, as you already have installed cIOSCORP I would suggest you try an updated version-I hope you read all the readme and associated information so that was an informed decision on your part.

    cIOSCORP is available as 3.4 and 3.5 versions and maybe will fix your problem. Once comitted to cIOSCORP do not make any changes-do not go hunting for information from normal softmod sources-you must always stay within the cIOSCORP system for changes. If you have questions in the future always ID your Wii as having cIOSCORP so as to avoid serious problems.


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