Hi guys, i am quite new to wii, just brought it two days ago and have installed HBC but currently stuck at Geexbox and Mplayer.(My current OS is 4.2E)
I followed this tutorial http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...tem-menus.html
Afterwards I was trying to launch GeexBox and Mpalyer. The problem is Mpalyer can be launched but unable to read and play DVD. For GeexBox, it even can not be lauched and dead by showing the DOS processes. I downloaded GeexBox from GeeXboX for Wii - Project Homepage which is 0.1beta1.
Can any body tell me what I should do??

P.S Bootmii was isntalled as ios during the process and unable to install as boot2, is it necessary to install it as boot2? If so, how can I do that??