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Thread: NTSC vs PAL

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    NTSC vs PAL

    Hey everyone...I'm really new to this scene and just recently did the softmod to my Wii and I'm LOVING it! Any way....I do have a questions/concern and thought I'd ask here since this community seems so open to help.

    Let me first say that I've tried really hard to research this on my own and haven't been able to come up with a concrete answer or explanation. If there are any on this site, and I've just missed it or didn't search for the right terms, I apologize in advance and please point me in the right direction. Okay with that out of the way:

    I am in the US with my NTSC Wii.... now I'm under the impression that you can't/shouldn't use PAL games on it correct? From what I understand it can be and is very risky to do so and you risk bricking your Wii, but then I hear mention of people running both on their systems.

    I guess I'm just really asking if it is common practice and BEST practice to only run games for your region (i.e. the reward doesn't justify the risk of trying both). Any advice would be appreciated.

    Again- sorry for asking such a potentially noob question!

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    The way people get bricked from these games is by the game running an update on the disc that updates their wii to a different region than their wii. Some programs like Starfall and Preloader will block disc updates, and there is also a way to remove the update partition of the disc when ripping it or with brickblocker. I was playing a PAL version of the new super mario on a ntsc wii. Hope this helps.

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    I live in the US but come from England, my wii is NTSC but I play loads of PAL games, In fact there are a ton of games that you cannot even get in NTSC and many games (Triv Pursuit for instance) that are totally different from different regions.

    I prefer PAL version of Deal or No Deal, TV Addicts, Countdown, Millionaire etc that are based on UK versions of the show only.

    As stated, the only danger is with the updates which I not only have blocked but I remove prior to installing anyway. Belts and my dad used to say

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    Actually that does help a lot! Thanks for taking the time to answer that for me. So now you have me thinking....

    I am running all of my games through USB Loader GX and as such I have been putting them on my external drive with WBFS Manager. Now from what I understand, that program strips out the overhead of the images and the update info? So would that be safe to use?

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    Honestly I don't load from usb that often, but I think I remember gx loader having a block updates option. Don't take my guess on it though, look in the options for this. I would always recommend everyone get preloader installed. It's the next best thing after having bootmii installed as boot2.

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    I also have a ntsc wii and have only been downloading ntsc games. Is there anything special you have to do after downloading a game befor you burn it to play, can you just change the setting on a backup loader, or will it work with the same setting as my ntsc games?

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    If the game is the same region as your wii you shouldn't have to mess with anything. Just burn it and go.

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    sorry i should of worded it better i meant to play pal games on ntsc.

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    You should make sure you have some form of protection to block disc updates from out of region games. If an update occurs from an out of region disc you will brick your wii. You can play out of region games by forcing the video settings in the loader you're using to your region. (most games work, but not all can be forced for some reason). I've never ran into any I couldn't force, but then again I don't download that much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourclone92 View Post
    sorry i should of worded it better i meant to play pal games on ntsc.
    those disk launcher apps have the option to force ntsc weather it is in the main menu or the submenu of region. or it may have the option set to wii.

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