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Thread: Nba 2k10

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    Nba 2k10

    Is anyone having problems with this game?

    I burned a copy and the game loads just fine, about 1 minute into the game the background sound goes (crowd and music) and all you can here is the basketball bouncing.

    Also if you press the home button the game freezes.

    Is there a fix out there?

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    NBA 2k10

    I'm having the same problem plus if you try to save the game it will lock up

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    same issue here! :-(

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    Is there a fix out there?

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    there's no fix that i know of but you can read through this thread:

    NBA 2K10 no commentary, freezing -

    i'm still a newbie so i don't know how to fix it myself. but hopefully something will happen because it seems a lot of people are having the same issue...

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    Thumbs up I have created a working rip!!!


    I ripped it myself using CFG UsbLoader, extracted iso using wbfs manager 3.0
    it works 100% no freezing on exit, and game commentary is present.
    here is my post on wiiso:

    Update: I have finished uploading it to MU..
    it is in 9 parts join the files together with HJPslit for windows, Split and Concat for mac

    ENjOI!!! Works no freezes and game commentary is fixed, it was just a bad rip circulating out there at first, I have resolved that problem.
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    hey that's cool. in the link i posted previously they also have a working version but it's pal. so anyways it was the original upload that was the problem. thanks for putting the mac links in there since i use mac too! i'll have to read how to piece them back together. :-)

    thanks again!

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    Anyone using, or heard about the DiiTOX scrub? I'm seeding, and its on my USB, but I won't be able to test it until this afternoon. TIA!

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    How do you piece them together? Thought the trial version of magic ISO would do it. It does combine the files, but won't save it.
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    Magic ISO and Power ISO trial versioons will not combine the files as they have a 300 MB limit. Is there a freeware program should I be using that will actually fix the whole thing?

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